October 9, 2020

498 acts of legislation have lost their force

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 27.09.20 No. UP-6075:

  1. 498 decrees and resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan have become invalid completely or in part;
  2. the Ministry of justice has identified 2,500 normative legal acts that are outdated and no longer relevant;
  3. Until June 1, 2021 all applicable resolutions of chambers of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan, as well as normative legal acts of Administration will be included in the National database of legislation of Uzbekistan;
  4. consent has been given to the implementation of the procedure for the practice of adopting a new law instead of its new version, while simultaneously recognizing the current legislation as invalid;
  5. the Ministry of Justice was instructed to create an open database of information on the requirements of international treaties, as well as information on proposals and recommendations of international organizations, by July 1, 2021.