December 17, 2021

Additional measures for the further development of hydropower in Uzbekistan

On December 10, 2021, Resolution of the President No. PP-44 “On Additional Measures for the Further Development of Hydropower” was adopted, according to which the following main important directions for the further development of hydropower in the republic and the effective use of the existing hydropower potential were identified:

  • increasing the capacity of the republic’s hydroelectric power plants to 3,416 MW by 2030 by accelerating the creation of new capacities and gradual modernization of existing ones through the wide use of environmentally friendly energy sources;
  • wide involvement of the private sector and the population in the production of electricity using natural water flows, their support and encouragement, ensuring their guaranteed connection to the unified electric power system, creating a developed system of guaranteed purchase of electricity.

The Program of additional measures for the further development of hydropower for 2021 – 2030 was also approved by the Resolution of the President. The Program includes a number of Lists of investment projects, namely:

  • List of investment projects included in the Investment Program of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2021–2023 and to be implemented in 2022–2026;
  • List of investment projects aimed at increasing the level of utilization of existing hydropower potential, creating new and modernizing existing hydroelectric power plants for 2024–2030;
  • List of projects proposing the construction of small hydropower plants with the participation of the private sector;
  • List of equipment, components and spare parts required for the construction and operation of small hydroelectric power plants proposed for localization on the basis of cooperation in 2022–2025;
  • Target parameters for the further development of hydropower and an increase in the level of utilization of hydropower potential for 2021–2030.

The Resolution also stipulates that the Ministry of Energy will, within three months, submit to the Cabinet of Ministers proposals on the following amendments and additions to the legislation, taking into account international experience:

  1. a) the inclusion of hydroelectric power plants with an installed capacity of up to 0.5 MW – micro, hydroelectric power plants up to 5 MW – small, hydroelectric power plants up to 30 MW – medium, hydroelectric power plants over 30 MW – large hydroelectric power plants and considering these hydroelectric power plants as renewable energy sources;
  2. b) construction of micro and small hydropower plants (except for the construction of water intakes) by private investors (initiators) on the basis of public-private partnerships and market principles.