November 6, 2023

Agency for the Development and Regulation of the Energy Market will be created.

On September 28, 2023, the Decree of the President of the DP No. 166 “On measures for the next stage of reforming the energy sector” was adopted.

From July 1, 2024, the functions of centralized purchase and sale of electric energy will be fully performed by “Uzenergosotish” JSC, and the supervision of the operation of main electric networks –”National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan” JSC.

From January 1, 2025, the obligations of “National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan” JSC under contracts for the export and import of electricity, as well as agreements on the purchase of electricity signed with private power plants, are fully transferred to “Uzenergosotish” JSC.

By February 1, 2024, a new methodology for the formation of electricity tariffs will be developed with the technical assistance of international financial institutions.

By May 1, 2024, the tariffs of “National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan” JSC for the transmission of electricity through the main electric networks, the sale and purchase of electricity for “Uzenergosotish” JSC will be approved, as well as a new procedure for the distribution of funds received for electricity.

“National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan” JSC will be determined by the operator of the unified main transmission system of electricity, specialized in the transportation and transit of electric energy.

The functions of the market regulator will be performed by the newly created Agency for the Development and Regulation of the Energy Market. It will be subordinate to the Cabinet of Ministers and will be responsible for:

– ensuring the gradual creation of competition-based wholesale and retail electricity markets;

– support of competition in the market;

– licensing of the activities of participants in the wholesale and retail electricity markets, etc.