February 12, 2024

Agricultural land plots are leased through an electronic online auction

On 18.01.2024, Presidential Decree No. UP-15 “On additional measures to improve the procedure for leasing agricultural land plots” was adopted.

According to the document, from March 1, 2024:

– the starting cost of land plots that are leased for a period of 30 years using electronic online auctions is set at the amount of the standard value of the land plot;

– the winners of electronic auctions for leasing land plots are given the opportunity to pay the cost of the plot in installments for 3 years;

– citizens -winners of online auctions for obtaining land plots for rent for farming, individual gardening, melon farming, and animal husbandry, included in the “Iron Notebook”, “Women’s Notebook” and “Youth Notebook”, can pay the cost of the land plot in interest-free installments in equal shares for 5 years.

From March 1, 2024, tenants of agricultural land are allowed to transfer their rights and obligations to leased land to other persons without changing the purpose of the land.

By December 31, 2024, measures will be taken to state registration of the right to lease land plots or return land to the reserve for all agricultural land plots that have not passed the state registration of land rights, but are actually used.

The direct transfer of land plots to the agro-industrial cluster by the Cabinet of Ministers has been canceled. Clusters can lease land plots through electronic online auctions or by selecting the best offer for the implementation of a large investment project.