March 1, 2024

An International Digital Technology Center will be created on the territory of the IT Park

On 01.02.2024, the Presidential Decree “On priority measures for the creation of the International Center for Digital Technologies” No. UP-25 was issued, according to which the International Center for Digital Technologies (International Digital Technology Center – “ENTERPRISE UZBEKISTAN”) will be created. This center will become a special territory with favorable conditions for the production of products and services in the field of digital technologies.

Starting from June 1, 2024, the Center will experimentally introduce a special legal regime for foreign companies for up to 5 years in the following areas:

-implementation of a “regulatory sandbox” to produce and test digital innovations, services and business products;

-customs and taxation;

-labor relations;

-financial and banking activities;

-processing and protection of personal data;

-provision of public services;

-protection of intellectual property;

-settlement of commercial and civil disputes.

At the same time, the Ministry of Digital Technology is the authorized body for the implementation of the special legal regime, with the following additional tasks:

– promotion of investment attraction in the digital economy of the country by creating favorable conditions for entrepreneurial and investment activities in the field of digital technologies based on the best international practices;

– development of consulting, legal, financial and other services for residents of the Technological Park of Software Products and Information Technologies (ІТ-park), as well as other enterprises and organizations;

– stimulating and supporting the development of export of digital technologies and services by enterprises and organizations, facilitating the expansion of their activities in foreign markets;

– development of modern infrastructure on the territory of the Center.

Also, a Coordination Council shall be formed to organize and coordinate the activities of the Center, to promptly resolve emerging issues, to ensure the development of documents regulating the special legal regime within the framework of the experiment. By December 1, 2024, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade will submit to the Cabinet of Ministers the draft Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the International Center of Digital Technologies”, taking into account the preliminary results of the experiment. The draft law will reflect:

-the Center’s governance and status;

-a special legal regime that determines a special procedure and legal norms for entrepreneurial activities aimed at attracting investment and promoting export activities in the field of digital technologies, as well as regulation of customs and taxation, labor relations and other conditions;

-separate procedures for financial and banking activities, processing and protection of personal data, provision of public services, protection of intellectual property, as well as commercial and civil dispute resolution;

– sources of funding for the Center.