May 23, 2022

Changes in legislation regarding requirements and conditions for obtaining certain types of licences and permits and the introduction of the Mobile-ID personal identification system.

On April 20, 2022, Presidential Decree No. UP-113 on “Additional Measures to Simplify Government Services, Reduce Bureaucratic Barriers and Develop a National System for the Provision of Government Services” (hereinafter – the “Decree“) was adopted.

This Decree was adopted to eliminate bureaucracy, red tape and other administrative barriers in the provision of public services and radically reduce outdated and inadequate procedures.

In accordance with the Decree:

  • The requirement for people and business entities to provide73 types of certificates and various documents has been abolished, and a system has been introduced for obtaining this information by state bodies through the use of the interdepartmental integration platform “Electronic Government“.
  • From August 1, 2022, a system of identification of individuals – Mobile-ID, is being introduced, which provides for the identification of a person through his/her mobile phone number.
  • For identification through Mobile-ID system, one has to submit the original identity document, and employees of the Centre or notary’s office take a digital photo of the person, also take fingerprints, and the citizen’s mobile phone number is linked to his personal account on UPIPS.
  • Identification of persons using the Mobile-ID system will be carried out voluntarily at public service centres, notary offices or through the mobile application of the Unified Portal of Interactive Public Services.
  • However, when registering through the mobile application, the method of remote biometric identification (Face-ID) or electronic digital signature in the ID-card will be used and its number will also be linked to the personal account on the UPIPS.
  • Until December 31, 2022, the identification of citizens by mobile number will be free of charge, and from 2023 a one-time fee of 2% of the BRV (5,400 UZS) will be charged.
  • The use of this Mobile-ID system provides its users with the opportunity to use all public services (except for financial ones) without the use of an electronic digital signature. At the same time, all notifications from the personal account of the UPIPS can be sent, if desired, in the form of SMS messages to a mobile phone number.

Therefore, as of 1 July 2022, public utilities will not require the following documents from entrepreneurs:

  1. a) documents confirming the following facts:
  • presence or absence on the account in a narcological dispensary;
  • whether or not they have a criminal record;
  • address information;
  • whether or not there is a personal residence in the name of the citizen;
  • area of the dwelling;
  • presence or absence of tax debts;
  • registration of the natural person as a taxpayer with the state tax authorities;
  • pension and allowance amounts;
  • presence or absence in the list of recipients of pensions and allowances;
  • registration of marriage, lack of marriage registration or divorce;\
  1. b) the following:
  • a copy of an identity document;
  • photograph of the face of the established form;
  • certificates of medical and social expert commissions;
  • work records and copies thereof
  • d their copies archival certificates confirming wages and work experience, training in higher and secondary specialized educational institutions (with the exception of cases of claiming in the process of assigning a pension to citizens in the absence of the possibility of obtaining this document through the interdepartmental hardware and software complex “Unified National Labor System”);
  • cadastral documents and their copies.

From 1 July 2022, in order to simplify procedures, certain individual requirements and conditions for the following licenses and authorization documents are abolished respectively:

  • License for medical activity;

The requirement to own or otherwise legally own appropriate buildings, premises, equipment and inventories for the organization of remote medical consultations and examinations in the field of medical activity using mobile applications is abolished.

  • License for pharmaceutical activities (retail sale of medicinal products and medical devices)

The requirement to have a pharmacist on the staff of a legal entity for the delivery of medicines and medical devices from pharmacies to customers, paid for by customers, as well as the requirement to have a pharmaceutical education for the delivery of medicines and medical devices for consultation by means of communication was canceled.

  • License for the development of architectural and urban planning documentation

It is no longer necessary to own or otherwise legally own buildings, premises, equipment and inventory; in addition, compliance with national standards and requirements for orders received from abroad

  • Registration card of cash registers with fiscal memory

The requirement to have a fixed point of using cash registers with fiscal memory for the cash register for the sale of goods, works and services, as well as the cancellation of the contract with the servicing bank for cash encashment of proceeds of money.

  • Confirmation of the right to work on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Another abolished requirement is to obtain confirmation of the right to carry out labour activities on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan when carrying out activities in a remote (online) form while abroad.

  • Notification of the commencement or termination of the sale of jewellery and other articles of precious metals and precious stones

The condition to have respective buildings and constructions on the right of ownership or other proprietary rights for business entities in the form of online-shop in the direction of selling jewelry and other precious metals and gems has been abolished.

From 1 September 2022, it was decided that commercial banks, telecommunications organizations, private medical institutions, non-governmental educational organizations, and insurance organizations should have access to the information that can be obtained by the e-government system. It was also decided to oblige them to take the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect personal data and not to disclose it to third parties. At the same time, the compliance with the legal provisions on personal data protection is one of the requirements and conditions of the relevant license.

This Decree establishes the procedure according to which:

  • persons registered in the information system “Unique Register of Social Protection” and their children, as well as young people included in the “Youth Notebook” will be exempted from payment of fees for participation in the entry examinations.
  • self-service areas will be created in the centers for the use of electronic public services by the public and business entities.
  • When making payments for public services in the Centers, a separate fee for the amount of the commercial bank commission will not be charged (except for the state fee)
  • A competition will be held for the placement in the Centers of branches of commercial banks, which accept payments for public services, for a period of up to five years without charging any rent.