January 7, 2022

Involvement of the private sector in the field of road transport

In order to reduce the participation of the state in the economy of the republic, to create an effective and competitive environment in the field of road transport, to increase the role of the private sector, to create wider opportunities for private capital to participate in the reform process, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted Resolution No. 2 of 02.01.2022 “On attracting the private sector to state enterprises in the field of road transport”.

In accordance with this Resolution, it is planned to transform state-owned enterprises under the Ministry of Transport into limited liability companies and sell the state participatory interest by public auction (via the platform “E-auksion”) with the adoption of the following investment and social obligations:

  • to carry on with the activities in the field of public transport for at least 5 years and, first of all, in areas connecting rural areas with district and regional centers;
  • to implement modern information and communication technologies (GPS devices, electronic payment systems) in the course of one year.

The Ministry of Transport, together with “Uzmilliybank” JSC, should take measures to attract the private sector to the activities of buses of “Uzavtotrans Service” LLC that are not involved in international routes (while maintaining the attached routes).