April 1, 2022

Measures are being implemented to increase soil fertility

On 25 March 2022, Decree of the President No. PP-179 was adopted, aimed at supporting the agricultural sector, namely, increasing soil fertility and cotton yields and introducing new irrigation technologies, creating plant protection services and modern laboratories, as well as training farmers.

As an experiment in 2022-2023, the order is established according to which:

–  subsidies of 1 million soums for each hectare of land area will be allocated to land users in the case of measures to improve the quality of land;

–  land users will also be provided with tax benefits for increasing soil fertility and yield of cotton areas, which will be determined based on the results of the analysis of soil bonification. Namely, the land tax rate is reduced by 25% in case of an increase in the soil bonus score by 3 points from the initial position. The benefit will be valid for 3 years.