August 23, 2023

New provisions have been introduced into the Regulation on Tax Audit

On 09.11.2022, Presidential Decree No. PD-244 on simplification of state regulation of entrepreneurial activity was adopted.

On 14.08.2023, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted Resolution No. 382, which amended the regulatory legal acts concerning tax audits.

Now the exemptions for entrepreneurs, which came into force on January 1, 2023, are included in the text of the relevant resolutions:

– the provision allowing new imported cars to be sold exclusively by legal entities – official dealers of manufacturing enterprises has been excluded. From now on, there will be more business entities engaged in this type of activity;

– the provision prohibiting the supply of electricity to legal entities in excess of the volumes stipulated by the electricity supply contract has been excluded;

– the legal ground “non-compliance with the established procedure for notifying creditors of an enterprise when reducing the size of the charter fund” was eliminated – the requirement to notify creditors in writing about the reduction of the charter fund (authorized capital) and announce it in the media was canceled.

A new provision has been introduced into the Regulation on the Procedure for Organizing and Conducting Tax Audits. Now a business entity, in order to appeal the decision of the tax authorities based on the results of an on-site tax audit and tax audit, can immediately apply to the court (bypassing the higher tax authority).