January 14, 2022

Rating system of assessment in the field of anti-corruption

On January 12, 2022, Resolution of the President No. PP-81 “On measures to introduce a rating system for the effectiveness of anti-corruption work” was adopted, according to which a rating system is being introduced in the following five areas:

  • creation and implementation in practice of mechanisms and legal frameworks for combating corruption in state organizations;
  • implementation of measures to identify, assess and reduce corruption risks;
  • presence of actions of heads of state organizations showing an uncompromising attitude towards corruption;
  • awareness of employees about internal anti-corruption procedures, implementation of measures to improve knowledge and skills in this area;
  • the effectiveness of promotional activities aimed at increasing the population’s legal awareness and legal culture to combat corruption, the formation of an uncompromising attitude towards this negative phenomenon, in the context of the relevant area or industry.

The rating system will first be introduced as an experiment starting from February 1 of this year in the activities of 26 state organizations. From July 1, 2022, taking into account the results of the experiment, the system will be introduced into the activities of all state organizations.

The rating assessment is organized by the Anti-Corruption Agency through the electronic platform “E-Anticor.uz”.