December 12, 2023

Tax incentives will be provided to projects with the participation of international financial institution

16.11.2023 the Presidential Decree “On additional measures to further accelerate the implementation of projects implemented with international financial institutions and foreign Government financial organizations” No. UP-195 was adopted.

According to the document, until January 1, 2028, turnover on the sale of goods or services purchased will be exempt from paying value-added tax:

– budget organizations,

– state-owned enterprises,

– legal entities in whose authorized capital the state’s share is 50% or more,

– within the framework of projects implemented in whole or in part at the expense of public external debt, attracted and attracted from international financial institutions and foreign government financial organizations for the development of the social sphere and infrastructure, as well as their import.

The exception is funds that are refinanced or re-credited through commercial banks.

Benefits are subject to application only after their inclusion in the Tax Code.