January 14, 2022

The powers of the Business Ombudsman have been expanded

The Law of January 11, 2022 No. ZRU-744 amended the Code of Administrative Responsibility, according to which the powers of the Business Ombudsman of the Republic of Uzbekistan were expanded.

In particular, according to the updated Article 245-8, the Business Ombudsman now has jurisdiction over cases of administrative offenses provided for in Article 43, 200-2, 241-1, 241-4, 241-6, 241-8, 241-10 of the Code of Administrative Responsibility, in particular over the cases of:

–  illegal refusal to accept and consider the appeals of business entities;

–  illegal seizure of a land plot from business entities;

–  causing damage to private owners by an official or employee of a controlling, law enforcement and other state body, and a state organization by violating their rights;

–  forced involvement of business entities by officials in charity and other activities related to the diversion of funds and other material values;

–  unlawful refusal, non-use or obstruction in the application of benefits and preferences granted to business entities;

–  requesting information about the availability of funds on the accounts of business entities in cases not provided for by law;

–   requesting statistical, financial, tax and other reports from business entities, as well as other documents not provided for by law.

In addition, the authority to consider cases of administrative offenses and apply administrative penalties in the form of a fine on behalf of the Business Ombudsman is given to his deputies and chief inspectors of the office.