December 21, 2023

The procedure for issuing permits for mining activities was regulated

On September 29, 2023, the Ministry of Justice registered a Regulation on the procedure for issuing permits for mining activities.

This Regulation defines the procedure for issuing permits for the implementation and organization of mining activities.

To obtain a permit, the applicant (a legal entity applying for a permit for mining purposes) fills out an application in the information system, which is logged in through the Unified Identification System (OneID).

The decision to issue or refuse to issue a permit is made by the National Agency for Advanced Projects (authorized body) within 20 days from the date of submission of the application, the specified information and documents in full.

No fee is charged for consideration of the application by the authorized body. The permit is issued for 5 years.

The permit is issued within one day in the form of an electronic document with a QR code from the date of the decision by the authorized body.

Mining is carried out exclusively by a legal entity using electricity produced by a solar photovoltaic plant, except in cases provided for by legislative acts.

Miners can connect to the unified electric power system in cases provided for by legislative acts, with the installation of a separate electric energy metering device.

Unauthorized connection to electrical networks, damage to metering devices, and their seals, or changes in the indicators of metering devices are regarded as theft or petty theft and also entail liability.

Administrative and criminal liability has been established for violation of the legislation on licensing procedures.