October 20, 2023

The procedure for the provision of state services for the registration of a trademark was approved

On 20.09.2023, Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 480 of 19.09.2023 came into force, which approved the Administrative regulations for the provision of state services for registering trademarks and service marks.

The authorized body is the Ministry of Justice.

The application for trademark registration is submitted by the applicant directly or by his representative through the information system of the authorized body or UPIPS (Unified portal of interactive public services – my.gov.uz), or by mail. A patent fee must be paid for filing an application within 3 months, after which a notification is sent to the applicant indicating its registration number and the date of receipt.

The Intellectual Property Center conducts an official application examination within 30 days from its receipt.

According to the Regulations, the following can not be registered as a trademark:

  • signs depicting state coats of arms, flags, and state awards;
  • signs that are false or capable of misleading the consumer about the product or its manufacturer;
  • signs that contradict public interests, principles of humanity, and morality.