December 25, 2023

The procedure for the transfer of rights and obligations in lease relations has been established

On 23.10.2023, the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 871 “On Amendments and Additions to certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan in connection with the improvement of land legislation” was signed.

According to the amended Law “On Lease”:

The rights and obligations under the objects of lease relations can be transferred by the tenant to another person with the consent of the lessor (transfer).

The rights and obligations on agricultural land may be transferred by the lessee to another person (transfer) only in cases provided for by law.

In case of transfer of the right to immovable property to another person, along with this object, the rights and obligations to lease the land occupied by this object and necessary for its use are transferred to another person in accordance with the law, while the consent of the lessor is not required.

Individuals and legal entities that have received non-agricultural land plots in accordance with the procedure established by law through an electronic online auction may transfer (transfer) rights and obligations in respect of leased land plots to another person, but not more than for the lease period. In this case, the rights and obligations under the lease agreement are transferred to the new tenant.

The Law also introduced amendments to the Civil Code and the Land Code concerning the easement agreement, the rights and obligations of easement participants, the rules for changing the easement and its cancellation, payment for the easement, and the establishment of a public easement.