December 29, 2023

The rules of currency transactions have been changed

On 18.12.2023, Resolution No. 3281-3 of the Board of the Central Bank was adopted.

According to the document, domestic currency transactions, among other things, include transfers related to the purchase and sale of shares and bonds (with the exception of Central Bank bonds) by non-residents at organized securities auctions, including through stock brokers and investment intermediaries.

The foreign currency purchased by the client, as well as previously debited from this account, but not used, as well as returned for other reasons, is credited to the special currency account.

The rule has been excluded, according to which foreign currency previously debited from a special currency account and not used, as well as returned for other reasons, is subject to resale to a commercial bank or retransmission for the purposes specified in the application within 3 banking working days.

Foreign currency funds purchased by the bank’s client (including unused or returned ones) must be used within 7 banking business days from the date of crediting to the client’s special currency account or no later than the next banking business day after the end of this period must be sold again to a commercial bank.