June 10, 2022

Zero rates of customs duties on imports of some food products are established

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On additional measures to ensure price stability in the consumer markets and increase the effectiveness of anti-monopoly measures” from 31.05.2022 № PD-145 (hereinafter referred to as the “Decree”), in order to meet the needs of the republic in some kinds of food products, customs duties on imports of these products have been cancelled.

In particular, in the period from May 1, 2022 to January 1, 2023 it is allowed to import a certain list of food products without payment of customs duty.

The above-mentioned list of food products can be found by following this link.

Also, the double rate of customs duty on imports of goods originating from the countries, trade and economic relations with which do not provide for most-favored-nation treatment is abolished.

It is also worth noting that starting from June 1 of this year the export outside the customs territory of the following food products is prohibited:

  • vegetable oil, including cottonseed and sunflower oils;

This paragraph does not apply to contracts entered into before June 1, 2022, under which prepayment has already been made. Also, it does not apply to vegetable oils that are under the customs regime of processing in the customs territory.

  • sunflower seeds, as well as seeds and fruits of other oilseeds.

Moreover, in accordance with the Decree, until the end of this year the following are suspended:

  • the procedure for mandatory labeling in the state language of food products imported into the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • the restrictions on the purchase of imported food by public customers in the state procurement, provided by the Cabinet of Ministers of January 29, 2021 № 41 “On measures to support domestic producers”.

Also in accordance with the Decree, the Antimonopoly Committee and the Consumer Protection Agency under it were given the following additional powers:

  1. during a sharp fluctuation in the prices of basic foodstuffs:
  • making binding instructions to business entities, regardless of their revenue received from the sale of goods (services) for the last calendar year, in case of revealing signs of abuse of a dominant position, concerted actions and collusion, non-issuance in full and a decrease in the supply of monopoly and highly liquid products subject to mandatory listing for exchange trading, manipulation, obstruction of the stable functioning of the commodity or financial market;
  • direct access to the buildings of business entities, regardless of their organizational and legal form, and conducting an inventory of available stocks in warehouses in order to identify cases of unjustified price increases, concerted actions and collusion;
  • introduction of binding instructions and submissions to reduce unreasonably high prices, the sale of excess volumes of food products identified during the inventory.
  • introduction of submissions to producers and sellers to suspend production, imports into the territory of the republic, sale, withdrawal from circulation and compulsory withdrawal from consumers of goods recognized as dangerous and of poor quality for human health, property of legal entities and individuals, etc.

Such being the case, the failure to execute the introductions for unreasonable reasons entails the established responsibility for failure to execute the submissions of the antimonopoly authority.