January 26, 2024

A special “Business without a license” regime will be introduced

On 09.01.2024, the Presidential Decree “On measures to reduce mandatory requirements, simplify licensing and permissive procedures in the field of entrepreneurship” No. UP-8 was adopted.

As previously reported, from March 1, 2024, 22 types of licensed activities and permissive documents will be canceled, as well as:

– legal entities, in case of voluntary payment within 15 days of 50% of the amount of the fine imposed on them for committing offenses in the field of licensing, permissive, and notification procedures, within 30 days – 70%, are exempt from paying the remaining part of the fine;

– the procedure for remote assessment of applicants’ compliance with the requirements and conditions of licenses and documents of a permissive nature using video communication is introduced into the process of issuing a license or a document of a permissive nature;

– a business entity is allowed to indicate the place of residence of the founder as a postal address during its state registration or re-registration.

From March 1, 2024, to January 1, 2025, as a legal experiment, a special “Business without a license” regime will be introduced, defining a transitional and adaptation period of up to 3 months for the start of activities for the operation of X-ray equipment and the implementation of veterinary laboratory diagnostic work.