June 4, 2024

Exclusive rights of state-owned enterprises have been abolished

To implement the priority tasks provided for by the strategy “Uzbekistan – 2030”, the Presidential Decree “On the next measures to further accelerate market reforms and bring the national legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan into line with the agreements of the World Trade Organization” UP No. 85 dated 06/03/2024 (hereinafter – the Decree) was adopted.

  1. According to the Decree, the following exclusive rights provided for by law are abolished:

a) from January 1, 2025:

the right of Uzmetkombinat JSC to procure (purchase) scrap and ferrous metal waste in the territory of the republic;

the right of Uzvtortsvetmet JSC to procure and export scrap and non-ferrous metal waste to the territory of the Republic;

the right of Uztrade JSC to ship food flour and wheat, as well as products of small businesses and private entrepreneurship, dehkan, and farms for export without providing a bank guarantee or insurance policy for export contracts against political and commercial risks to trading houses on consignment terms;

b) from July 1, 2026:

the right of UzGasTrade JSC as a single exporter and a single operator to purchase centrally through imports from external sources of natural gas;

the right of Uzenergosotish JSC to carry out centralized export and import of electric energy

  1. from January 1, 2025:

the procedure for licensing the procurement (purchase), processing, and sale of scrap and waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as wholesale and retail trade in natural gas and electricity will be introduced;

telecom operators of Uzbekistan with mobile and (or) wired telecommunications networks are allowed to connect directly to international Internet networks for their commercial needs on a trial basis in full compliance with the requirements of operational investigative activities, information, and cybersecurity systems.

  1. From January 1, 2026, restrictions on exporting copper cathodes and copper wire rods purchased at stock exchanges will be lifted. Allow the export of copper cathodes and copper wire rods under the following conditions:

for export purposes, a discount on the purchase price of copper cathode and copper wire rods purchased at stock exchanges, as well as a deferred payment benefit for business entities are not applied;

to place copper cathode and copper wire rod under the “export” customs regime, it is necessary to provide a certificate from the Commodity Exchange of the Republic of Uzbekistan stating that the amount of the discount applied to the purchase price on the exchange has been refunded, and the overdue part of the payment has been fully paid.