October 13, 2021

Support for the electrical industry

By the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 08.10.2021, No. 631 some amendments and additions were made to the resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan aimed at supporting the electrical industry.

Now, enterprises of the electrical industry, regardless of the source of financing, when receiving loans from banks, will be provided with a guarantee of up to 50% of the amount, but not more than 3 million US dollars for 1) making advance payments under tenders, 2) fulfilling the terms of the contract in foreign currency, 3) ensuring the warranty period for the delivery of goods.

In addition, the funds of the Fund for the Development of the Electrical Industry will be used to cover half of the expenses of organizations of the electrical industry related to their participation in international exhibitions and fairs, but not more than the equivalent of $ 10 thousand per case.