February 24, 2021

Mandatory information on the websites of state-owned companies in Uzbekistan

The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated February 19, 2021, No. 81, established requirements for information that are mandatory for publishing on the official websites of business entities with a state share in the charter capital of 50 percent or more and state enterprises.

The publication of the following information is compulsory:

  • main directions and goals of the enterprise;
  • charter capital and its distribution;
  • company charter;
  • structure of the organization, structural subdivisions, branches, representative offices, ministries and departments performing the functions of the owner (founders, shareholders, participants) on behalf of the state, as well as the name of the enterprises holding a stake, their location and contact telephone number, e-mail address and work schedule;
  • reference information about the heads of the enterprise (director or chairman and deputies);
  • list of affiliated persons and beneficiaries of the enterprise, etc.

Within the next month of the reporting period, the following information is placed based on the results of each quarter:

  • information on the status of implementation of the business plan and the results of programs provided for in the development strategies;
  • reports on the balance sheet and financial results;
  • information on procurement, including a complete list of import purchases and substantiated information on the need for import purchases and measures to reduce them;
  • decisions made at the general meeting of the company’s management bodies.